Suvidha Seva Kendra


We are living in greatest democratic country in the world that our country is not only police state as only collect revenue and protect the subject from internal mutiny and external aggression. Now we are enjoying welfare state in this concept govt. is not only protector but as per the Article 36 to 51 in PART IV-Directive Principles of state Policy of Indian constitution it is nourishing to citizen as parents-ward relation. As per subjects mentioned in union list, state list and concurrent list in Article 246 in seventh schedule of constitution central government and various state governments are making all types of efforts for welfare of citizens; but There are lot of gaps in various Govt. mechanism and schemes due to remote operating system and lack of awareness that ultimate beneficiary of those respecteed Govt. schemes can not to be properly reaches to benefits, ultimately there is need to facilitate it by the way of awareness and give all types of support by the means of training, consulting, councelling for Individuals , NGO’s, and all other legal entities; which are affiliated or ready to work occasionally for particular objects and campaigns of the said purpose. This separately established centre is called Suvidha Seva Kendra. For the conviniency of work as per various territorries Villege\Block\District\region\statewise establishment of branches are necessary to establish with propoer infrasructure and trained human resource.


In every district there are number of eligible,capable and documentary prompt individuals and NGO’s awaiting for the benefits of various government schemes .Which are capable with all assets and infrastructure with trained human resource and paying capacity but due to lack of proper service systems and technical support mechanism for to make prescribed format proposal those beneficiaries are not able to reach the benefits of those schemes.We are ready to serve those individuals and NGO’s with time bonding and transparent service with capable trained team work.

A) What are the working duties of authorised branch?

As per the the weekly programme provided by regional office to office in-charge should work as: To arrange press conference or serve ready press notes and advertising matter to press media and electronics media . To visit some offices for data collection and capable NGO’s for to counciling some schemes. To collect detail documents relating to those schemes from applicant and send to senior division with in the time. To serve senior divisions prescribed format proposal as per order of senior division. To follow other orders of senior division with in the time.

B) What is benefit to authorised Villege,Block,District and regional branch?

Authorised branch will earn Percentage as per chart ‘N’ amount on total turn over on service charges of the said branch. 20 % Discount on self project .

C) What is the critaria to authorisation to Branch?

Proper Location, Office infrastructure, communication infrastructure, human resource,and other ncessary aminiies etc. Not Refundable Deposit.As Per Chart ‘N’and ‘O’