Scheme Details

Scheme Name : Innovative & Experimental Education Scheme, a component under the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan

Ministry / Department/Organization : Department of School Education and Literacy

Sponsored By: Central Government

Funding Pattern:The release of funds to the NGO are done in two installments every year. The funds are transferred electronically.

Description:The applications received directly in Central Govt., Department of School Education & Literacy are initially scrutinized for their eligibility under the scheme and in case that the application is not covered under I &E Scheme at Government of India level, the matter is referred to the Project Director of the Sarva Shiksha Programme of the State concerned and the applicant is informed of the same. In case the application is to be processed further at Government of India level in view of innovative aspects in the proposal, a Field Inspection Team consisting of two non-official members is constituted to conduct a field visit and give its recommendation, simultaneously the NCERT conducts a desk appraisal of the innovative aspects of the proposal and the State Government is also requested to give their comments. On receipt of all three reports, the proposal is placed before the GIAC of Department of School Education & Literacy for consideration and approval. Further action is taken on the basis of the decision of GIAC. Projects are for two years only.

Beneficiaries Beneficiaries-:Children,
Benefits: Any other,

How to avail
Eligibility Criteria:
A) Government Agencies, education institutions, panchayati raj institutions, registered societies, public trusts and non-profit making companies would be eligible for assistance under this scheme. Ordinarily, agencies which are not legal entitles would not be eligible;
B) As far as the voluntary agencies, public trusts and non-profit making companies are concerned, in order to be eligible for financial assistance under this scheme. They should:- 1) have a proper constitution or articles of association; 2) have a properly constituted managing body with it powers and duties clearly defined in the constitution; 3) be in a position to secure the involvement on voluntary basis, of knowledgeable persons for furtherance of their programs; 4) not be run for profit of any individual or a body of individuals; 5) not discriminate against any persons or group of persons on the ground of sex, religion, caste or creed; 6) not directly function for the furtherance of the interests of any political party; 7) not in any manner incite communal disharmony; 8) not proselytize; and 9) eschew violence.
C) In exceptional cases, a registered society of a public trust fulfilling requirements spelt out in (B) above may be given assistance for mobilization, involvement and provision of financial support to other voluntary agencies, social activist groups and individuals; D) Only those eligible agencies which have been in existence for 3 years would be considered for assistance under this scheme. This requirement may be waived in respect of agencies with specially qualified workers or which can otherwise justify a special consideration.