Copyright Registration


The Indian copyrights law, laid down in the Indian Copyright Act, 1957, fully reflects the Berne Convention on Copyrights, to which India is a party. India is also an active member of the World Intellectual Property Organisation, Geneva.

The Act protects literary, artistic works and performance rights by making it unlawful to reproduce such works without the owner s permission.

The author of the work is the first owner of the copyright in the work.

The Copyrights Act protects the following classes of work:

1.Original literary (including website/brochure/profile), dramatic, musical and artistic works (including logo)
2. Cinematography films
3. Sound recording

Our role is to help our clients protect their copyrights, by making copyright application on Form IV for purpose of getting it registered as well as to send notice of copyright infringement to protect our clients copyrights.