Funding agencies provide support and funding to non-profits, grass-root level NGOs, organisations; but the agencies provide funds and support according to their own guidelines, terms and parameters. The listing of donor and other related agencies, persons, organisations provided here is only for information purpose. We are not affiliated with any agency, we do not endorse or recommend any agency or organisation for any purpose. This information has been provided for contact purpose only, assuming that the enlisted agencies support or help volunteers, NGOs and groups for their social cause or entrepreneurship.

Project proposal writing

We provide excellent consultancy in project proposal writing. A project proposal describes some sort of plan for a needed action. A project proposal may be used to obtain a federal grant or to convince a board of directors to fund a new initiative. Project proposals consist of several sections, perhaps including an executive summary, a description of the problem or goal, a history or background of existing conditions, a research review, and so on.

Institutional & Government Fund Raising

We have a data base of Institutions/bodies both for India & Foreign. These bodies donate huge money for the development work for the underprivileged section of the society. A project proposal mentioning the work area of the NGO, their plan & implementation programme with audit strategy is required for Institutional or government funding.

Different Fund Raising Plans

A fundraising plan is the framework for your development efforts and part of sound financial planning. It helps you plan for your future and ensure your organization's stability. Fundraising planning also helps your organization cultivate multiple revenue streams; set priorities, strategies, and goals; and limits crisis fundraising. The planning included assessing the organization’s readiness; data review of past fundraising effectiveness; review of current reality & projected goals; identifying target audiences, developing implementation, evaluation and monitoring strategies. The organizations agreed to make the products of their planning available to use as examples to the field.

Corporate Fund Raising

We observe that corporate fund raising in NGO sector has increased in comparison to other fund raising techniques. For a NGO, CFR means raising resource from organization (who has an agenda for corporate social responsibility) for a cause of serious concern to the society. We provide our service so that substantial resources can be raised by tapping profitable corporate and socially responsible organizations.

Foreign funding

There are various foreign funding agencies and foreign trusts who support worthy causes such as, Ford Foundation, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, USAID, DFID, NORAD etc. It is possible to get funding from them provided they are well sensitized and are approach at appropriate level. We provide adequate research and care to ensure that the proposal is well written and matches the agenda of the donor. A FCRA account is required for seeking foreign donation/support/aid.